William P. Coleman wpc@wpcmath.com

Tue, 10 Mar 1998 
   	"...I was very pleased to hear from you, and I
	definitely want to see 12 and review it on my site.
	I'm just slow, is all. A little snowed under. In
	any case, what I've seen so far of 12 doesn't suggest
	running through it and zipping off a review the same
	evening. Best wishes."
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 Jean Chen  - Content Associate, MovieTalk

Wed, 04 Mar 1998

	"We appreciate the invitation."

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 Dennis  DHANYC@aol.com

Mon, 12 Jan 1998

	"Was hanging out in sun drenched Rio, surfing around
	and came upon your website and just wanted to say
	hello and let you know how much I enjoyed it."

 Inon Shampanier

Sat, 15 Nov 1997

	"I must first thank you and mention what a great honor
	it was for me to receive an e-mail from a director of
	your achievements.  I HAVE ENJOYED reading about your
	film and seeing its trailer and some parts of it. There
	are two elements that make a film remarkable - being
	great (naturally) and, moveover, being unique.  From
	the little I have had the honor to see, "12" is surely

 Dale Murchie dale@exposure.co.uk

Thu, 13 Nov 1997

	Q:	"Wow!  Just been watching parts (when the net is fast
		enough) and it definitely justifies my VDO download.
		Are there any details on the site of how it was made?
		- the techie/production geek in me would be intrigued.
		What was it shot on?, edited on?, how much did it
		cost?, how were actors obtained etc.? Gonna go watch
		some more."

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