Welcome to "Lawrence Bridges' 12"

the First Independent Feature on the Internet


Here is how to get started:

1.	Episode 1 takes you to the first hour of the film. You have a choice of viewing
	a VDO, the screenplay with VDO, or reading an illustrated screenplay with VDO.  
	Please download the latest VDO program at :  http://www.vdo.net. 
	Please note:  
	The quality of VDO depends greatly on the internet's traffic and your modem's 
	speed. If there is an apparent diminishing in quality, please re-load the 
	film, or come next time when there is less traffic.

2.	The Synopsis.

3.	A good way to explore this site is to look at the 5 minute Trailer.

4.	The Text section gives you an author's pathway to clickable images and text. This 
	section is to introduce you to aspects in Place, Free, Comedy, Style, and Emblems. 
	Look for these paths to change over time as we continue to update our material.  
	Please feel free to browse and enjoy.

5.	Go to the Characters section to introduce you to who they are. The Fan Club page
	lets you communicate with these characters via e-mail.

6. 	Go to the Credits section to see the people behind the scenes.

Please send any feedback to : email@12.org