Lawrence Bridges - Director



awrence Bridges was named "Best Advertising Auteur" by Connoisseur magazine in 1989, inspiring the magazine to write, "Whenever you see an ad that verges on art, chances are that Bridges had a hand in it -- either as director, editor or graphic designer." Bridges, first as editor then as director, created nothing less than a revolution in advertising for hand-held, grainy, textured "anti-commercials," complete with quick cuts, jumps, whip pans, stills and run outs. In 1984, the grainy, hand-held "Walk on the Wild Side" Honda Motorcycle spot starring Lou Reed, that Bridges edited, led to a flurry of commercial imitations by countless directors and editors. In 1988, Bridges went from cutting room to the director's chair, and two of the commercials he would direct that year -- Very Fine Juices "Fill Up" and Gravy Train's "Woof Woof" -- were cited by Advertising Age as among the top 10 spots of the year. Bridges' directing reel includes the ground-breaking American Express Card campaign out of Chiat Day, Bugle Boy Jeans, Arby's and the AT&T credit card drive, among other spots. In 1982 Bridges founded the renowned editing and digital design company, Red Car Inc. and is currently its President and CEO. Bridges currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Melanie.

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